“67 VW Bug”

VW Bug Restoration with Fender Flares

I built steel custom fenders 1" wider than stock, and installed a Select-A-Drop front-end to give the car a good stance. The 5 lug drums were switched to 4 lugs to accommodate a new set of 15" X 6" wheels, with 195/60R-15 Firestone Firehawk Tires.

I cut one set of fenders flush with the body, and the other set 2" from the body's edge. The 2" pieces were run through a stepping die 1" from the edge. That gave a 1" overlap to weld both sections together. Grinding removed the welds and paint. Body filler and primer smoothed the surface, and I block sanded a lot!! After block sanding, I primed and painted the entire body.

In two Sunday afternoons my son Cale and I rebuilt the engine. At the age of 7, I let him start and tighten every bolt because he really wanted to help. We installed and started the engine. It ran perfectly.

That was our first father and son project, and have done many since then. I was blown away he stuck with it at such a young age. Now he's in his 20's, we work together daily, and help each other with our projects. I'm the luckiest father on the planet.